Thursday, 21 March 2013

Privacy Policy

Information Phanli Collected

There are two kind of information. The first is personal information and the second is non personal information. Phanli never ask for custumers personal information, because all the personal information will ask by Amazon online stores. Custumers will automatic direct to Amazon website when custumers buy from our site.

Non personal information like your Ip address, internet provider, browser you uses and other are collect by our analytic. When people visiting our website, cookies will automatic recourd your ip address, browser and other by cookies. But you can delete your cookies anytime.

Amazon Privacy

Better you also read the amazon privacy before buying at the website. Phanli privacy policy not all same with amazon privacy


Cookies are the tiny file that will record your ip address, browser, internet privider and the other non personal information when you visiting our website. If you do not want our site record your non personal information, you can set your browser not accept a cookies.

Sharing Information

Phanli website not sharing all the information to the other parties.

Third Party
As We say before, our website have work together with the third party like amazon, google adsense, and other. All the product are review at Phanli website are come from the third parties that we means above.


We guranted you are safe and protect when you visit our site.


If you have any problem with Phanli privacy or phanli service, custumers can complaint or ask the problem with email at

Change The Privacy Policy

Phanli website may will change the privacy if need. If this happend Phanli will publish the change privacy at this section.

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